Kure Oxygen Spring Water & Cycling

Why Cycling?

Lung capacity increases by Cycling. Not only do your lungs inflate and deflate at a faster rate while cycling, they also take in more oxygen each time, the perfect time to add Kure oxygen Spring water to your cycling regime to support the increase, Your lungs are protected by your ribs so cannot expand past a certain limit, but your lung volume is still able to increase by as much as 15% during exercise. This combination of breathing both deeper and more rapidly, means that you’re able to meet the metabolic demands of your body during your ride. Your heart also kicks into overtime to be able to keep up with the increased supply of oxygen and transport it around your body to your working muscles. In the long term, your maximum lung capacity will improve by 5-15%, and as a result, the efficiency of your lung function will improve. This is why the more you cycle, the easier it becomes and the more you can push yourself.

Whats The Difference?

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