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Kure Oxygen Water More Oxygen In Every Drop

In Every Drop.

The next generation of Hydration.

Our Water. Refreshing. Hydrating. Oxygenating.

In a world full of bottled waters with empty promises, Kure Oxygen delivers a truly original hydration experience that pushes the boundaries of what water can be. Through proprietary technology, years in the making, we infuse nutrient-rich artesian spring water with ultrafine oxygen bubbles delivering more bio-available oxygen.

Since 2010, ultra-fine oxygen bubbles have been a growing focus of studies and clinical trials at institutions around the world and we’re proud to be part of it.


Enjoy the refreshing, crisp and ultra-smooth Kure Oxygen.


Don't just hydrate. Oxygenate.

Make Kure Oxygen a part of your every day with a monthly subscription and feel the difference between just living and truly feeling alive.


More than Water.

Kure Oxygen delivers a truly original hydration experience.

No Additives or Chemicals

Made in the UK

Natural Spring Water

No Sugar


Supercharged with

Pure Oxygen

Natural pH 6.0 - 7.0

Ultra-Smooth Taste


What our customers say.

I have been drinking KURE for 6 weeks now and can feel and really taste the difference. My skin is clearer and I feel I can function on less sleep. I subsequently gave up coffee and have just been drinking KURE and the occasional juice. I coach football for a Premier League outfit's youth set up and have introduced to our players. Highly recommend it to sportsmen/women and anyone who takes their health seriously.

Cole Salewicz - FA Licensed Coach

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