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A Water Like No Other

Experience more than just hydration. Every bottle of Kure Oxygen natural, nutrient-rich spring water is carefully infused with billions of inescapable ultra-fine oxygen bubbles, benefiting the body and mind in ways other water can't. 

You can taste the difference: Kure Oxygen is smooth and extra light with a clean texture.

Each sip of Kure gives your body more, boosting energy levels so you can perform at your maximum potential. More oxygen is proven to aid in faster recovery, heightened mental clarity, and improved immune function. Not all water is equal. Challenge the status quo.


Kure Oxygenated Water


500mL x 24 Bottles


Benefits of Additional Oxygen

Faster recovery

after exercise

Improves skin health

Better, deeper sleep

More energy

Reduces stress

Strengthens the immune system

Upgrades stamina

& sports performance

Boosts concentration

& mental clarity




Protecting our planet while promoting optimum health is our ultimate goal. To that end, we’re relentlessly sustainable, from source to sip.


From the artesian, pesticide-free spring in the Cornish countryside where our pure spring water is sourced to our environmentally friendly, BPA-free, 100% recyclable rPET bottles, we make sure we’re as good for the planet as we are for you.


Our Story

Our Story

At our core, we are an innovation technology company. But it’s our passion for helping others live their healthiest lives that truly drives us.


Kure Oxygen is the result of years of research and development and represents a quantum leap in oxygen stabilisation and water technology. With this groundbreaking process, we’re able to share our one-of-a-kind wonder water with the world.




Kure Oxygen is more than water. We’re a movement. We warmly welcome anyone who makes positive, purposeful choices to lead a healthy lifestyle.


And we provide them with a community of support, advice and resources. Connect with top athletes, yogis, trainers, wellness, health and science pros through our Ambassador Program, check out our upcoming events, and learn how we’re leading the charge to better living, one sip at a time.



"I have been drinking KURE for 6 weeks now and can feel and really taste the difference. My skin is clearer and I feel I can function on less sleep. I subsequently gave up coffee and have just been drinking KURE and the occasional juice. I coach football for a Premier League outfit's youth set up and have introduced to our players. Highly recommend it to sportsmen/women and anyone who takes their health seriously."

Cole Salewicz - FA Licensed Coach

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