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Kure Oxygen Good for the planet. Good for you.

Good for the planet. 
Good for you.

Our Bottles.


Good for Nature.
Good for You.

Bottle - 100% recyclable PET

BPA Free

Environmentally friendly

Kure Oxygen Sustainability in Action.

Sustainability in Action.

We strive to achieve best practise in all manufacturing activities without compromise to safety and quality,

ensuring all Kure products from manufacturing, storage, distribution and consumption are of the highest quality standards.

We have invested significantly to ensure all our UK distribution remains in-house reducing road transport and CO2 emissions. 


Currently utilising renewable Wind & Solar energy, we are on track to produce all our products from renewable energy sources by 2025 ensuring Kure Water is 100% Carbon Neutral.

"We don’t take more from nature than it can give."

Kure Oxygen Spring Water Company

Our Company.

When you discover great health, your potential for life, love and greatness is limitless.


Every member of our team is passionate about helping people and the planet. They are dedicated to bringing wellness and good health to our customers along with a mindful commitment to environmental sustainability.



...are a movement
for better living

Kure movement

...fuse the power
of nature and

Kure Oxygen Spring Water techology

...want to make
healthy living

Kure Oxygen Spring Water healthy
Kure Oxygen Spring Water
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